Galactic Meet-Cutes

Melanie Raider is an Author of Sci-Fi Romance and Fantasy crossover novels. She has a penchant for steamy love scenes that will burn your clothes right off your body. When she’s not getting cozy with her laptop, she’s usually snuggling her puppy, or cooking gourmet meals for her very own alpha male. Some of her upcoming releases include Midnight, an even paced Sci-Fi romance, and Gata Assassin, an epic love story set on a planet far far away. She lives in California with her family, two birds, and the cutest coca-poo you’ve ever seen.


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Te^ Chalan{z}Ziovale is a political fighter that few can beat. She has been training in the Frensa art of fighting since before her memories solidified. Now she is the top political fighter for the Gerent Duo president of conscience, second of the two sided head of state on Krulaan. She’d give her life to hold the balance between civility and the chaotic Kru thirst for violence. But she may have to give more than that in the end.

“We are but animals of Kru, we ken not of things so lightly spun.”

An unprecedented win in a friendly Draktah brings her rushing home to kneel at her father’s feet. What she finds will bring the line within every Kru that governs between opposite passions, to a point just short of breaking. One act turns her world upside down, the once safe haven becoming a danger of mythic powers. She finds herself a fugitive with a bounty on her head pursued by the Federation Royal guard, and shadowed by an unknown evil that threatens her mind as well as her body.

“Gentle is not of the body, but of the essence of the Twone, the soul. It is not of Krulaan to move Softly.”

A desperate plan, and a sliver of hope will lead her to places she has never imagined. Will she unraveled the entangled threads of the mysterious events, which have brought her to the edge of the unknown? Will she win the struggle against fate and triumph in the end? Only the Twone knows.

From the Author:

This is an action packed suspense thriller set in a far off world.

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Gata Assassin


Vaugn T'danon was tried and found guilty. But she was innocent. The dark fate had brought her to the wrong place at the wrong time, and now she was a convicted murderer. Branded a child killer, the worst possible offence on the sparsely populated outer world, Vaugn was scheduled to be moved to the Triad prison colony located on the third Gattaon moon of Roomba 7. For those of the barren moon, death would be a welcome relief.

Tryke Roan was an adulated war hero. The only survivor of the ill-fated battle of Charchay Gram, he is welcomed home as royalty, an icon of all that is good. He freed the lost world from the Folton realm and lived to tell the tale, but at what cost? Listless and soul black he drifts in to a life as a city protector. By day he is glorified and honored. By night tortured by the souls of the dead. With the help of an old mentor Tryke is soon able to find a tenuous peace with his survival.

Her future certain, Vaugn is pulled into the cold sleep in preparation for space travel, but when she awakes she finds that her future isn’t certain at all. Newly enhanced Vaugn has been drafted by the Sheef, a covert government organization of scientists. She now faces two choices, do what she’s told, or be siphoned as lab fodder. But things are not always what they seem. An assignment with already questionable ethics will have results even more sinister than believed. And an unthinkable solution may be the only chance she’s got……

A prolonged investigation leads him into the white-ground of the capital city elite. Are the covert double lives of the city planners the keys to finding the killer of his honored mentor? His trek seemingly leads to a dead end but Tryke Roan is no quitter. He will find his Taq or die trying……

From the Author:

This is the first book in the Gata series.

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